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  • Free Consultation:  I always recommend a free consultation.  You will meet an attorney with expertise in the legal problems you are facing.  My team will guide you through the necessary steps.
  • Knowledge and Experience:Just as professionals in  sports, medicine, the law or any other field, become experts by concentrating on their areas of expertise.  At the Tat Law Firm we limit our practice to Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense and D.U.I.  We handle these cses day after day, honing our skills through continuing education, affiliating with organizations focused on these legal subjects, and spending our time and resources to be the best we can bin on only these areas of the law.
  • Reputation For Caring and Concern:  Our reputation speaks for itself.  This is evidenced by our list of success stories over the last 28 years: see for yourself.  We advocate for our clients to achieve the best outcome for their legal issue.  We believe that our clients deserve not only the best legal representation, but also to be treated with care and respect, to be kept informed and to be included in solving their legal issues.


Message From Joe D. Tate

JoeTate1I know you need answers or you wouldn't be here.  So I have created a website to answer your questions and educate you about the legal problems you are facing.  You sill not see pretty pictures of courthouses or Downtown buildings, what you will see is answers to questions that can help you decide what action to take next.  You will learn that we offer Saturday Seminars on topics applicable to our practice, that you can attend free of charge or obligation by phone or internet.  That for Auto Accidents, Bankruptcy, Criminal Cases, you will have access to free books or EBook's you can download, which will provide further information about your type of case.  If you don't find the answers you need, you will learn we are a phone call or email away and your initial consultation is always free.  I invite you to explore our Website., attend a Saturday Seminar, read my books, view the videos I have prepared, read my blog and call us to help solve your legal problem. We are here for YOU and ready to help.


Joe D. Tate



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The Tate Law Firm

628 W. Choctaw Ave

Chickasha, OK 73018

(405) 222-1234








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